CFO Solutions delivers on its values.


  • We offer practical, creative approaches to deriving value from technology investments.
  • We believe in continuous knowledge transfer throughout the project so you are able to own your application.
  • We invest in our clients’ success and keep our rates reasonable.


  • We are dedicated and accountable. We tell our clients the straight facts and deliver on our commitments.
  • We are honest and forthright. Clients enjoy working with us time and again because they know they can trust our commitment to their success.


  • We are passionate about our craft. You can hear it in our voices when we talk through ideas with your team.
  • We are credible. Our team understands business processes from many industries and can share ideas from a history of experience.
  • Our team includes former CFOs & CIOs, former Big 4 Consultants, CPAs, and technology innovators. We understand how businesses really use finance technology.

Meet the CFO Solutions team.