Founded by a team of consultants with backgrounds in finance and technology, we recognized the limitations of traditional consulting firms and came together to offer a different approach. We have found too often that consulting firms segment their employees into narrow skill sets, creating many specialists and too few consultants that understand the big picture.  As a result, engagements require large, costly, and unwieldy teams. This over-complicates delivery and makes it difficult for clients to trust their consultants.

We Deliver Differently

  • We focus on your business goals first. Our teams have a vision for a long-term solution, not just the current project.
  • We believe in telling our clients the straight facts. Being upfront about fees, timing and expectations allows for our projects to be predictable and collaborative.
  • We advise against giant, slow moving projects. We recommend a series of small, achievable projects. We help our clients build reliance in their new system, adapt to change, and reduce risk.
  • We won’t play musical chairs with your project team. Our consultants learn your business and stick with you.
  • We are passionate about our discipline. We constantly learn and stay current with the latest technologies to aid our clients with finding the right tools.
  • We are honest, forthright and dedicated. Our clients tell us they reach out to us again and again because they enjoy working with us and value our expertise.

Learn about CFO Solutions’ values.