Advisory Services

The hardest part of a project can be deciding how to get started. You know you need to be doing things differently, but what are the root issues, and what should you tackle first? CFO Solutions can help you break down the issues and work up a plan.

When we engage with our clients in the planning process, we listen for desired benefits, pain points, key requirements, organizational priorities, and constraints. We consider the existing infrastructure and business environment to help our clients leverage investments and make smart changes.

The output of our discussion is a Process and Technology Roadmap — a series of smaller projects that culminate in steady, incremental successes and high value for your budget.

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You’ve heard it before…people, processes, and technology. Before attempting to implement any software, pull together your team and talk through your processes with CFO Solutions. Getting the right people involved to talk through the challenges in the current state gives you the opportunity to define a clear set of objectives, define your future process, set expectations across your stakeholders, and prepare the organization for change.

Common Challenges We Solve:
  • Weeks or months to prepare for the budget collection process
  • Consolidation and reporting results take several days to become available
  • Manual processes with too many steps
  • Human error in data entry increases time spent “checking data”
  • Redundant data
  • Ineffective approval processes
  • Too many processes dependent on email chains
  • Too many revisions
  • Closing the books takes more than 3 days
  • Data inconsistencies across systems
  • Reporting is generated manually in Excel

Software should serve your business, not the other way around.

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Organizations seeking to make an investment in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software often seek one or more specific capabilities from software vendors:

  • Budgeting, planning, and forecasting
  • Financial close, consolidation, and reporting
  • Operational analytics and reporting
  • Advanced modeling and business intelligence
  • Ad hoc reporting and analysis
  • Data integration

There is a wide range of EPM software vendors in the market today, some offering point solutions while others offer a fully integrated suite. It can be difficult to determine the right fit for your organization.

While EPM software solutions all address the same needs, their approach to the solution can be very different. The nuances of these differences can have a tangible effect on your day-to-day experience. In some cases, the differences could make a substantial impact on how you implement or maintain the application.

CFO Solutions’ team has hands-on experience implementing today’s EPM solutions and can help you focus on the vendors that offer the best fit for your unique business needs, requirements, and budget. Whether you are seeking straight-forward advice or need help issuing a request for proposal to key vendors, we can support you through your evaluation.

Let us help you decide which vendor is best for your situation.

Contact Us to discuss our Software Evaluation Service.

“CFO Solutions has both inspired and brought faith to our management team in our approach for process improvement. Not only has the relationship been successful in many ways to expand and improve upon our application, they proved to be an added resource with quick turnaround for other ad hoc initiatives that surround Financial Planning and Analysis.”

– Database Administrator of a Fortune 1000 Software Company

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