Do your finance and operations teams rarely talk, and when they do, they don’t speak the same language anyway?  Do finance and operations have their own completely independent reporting and analysis systems that advertise much of the same features on different sets of data?  CFO Solutions recognizes that each group has their own respective needs, but at the end of the day, operational statistics drive the financials.  Integrated Business Planning enables organizations to bring these groups together such that they can benefit from the insights that the other provides.

CFO Solutions has helped many organizations leverage the synergies that should exist between finance and operations.  Integrated Business Planning, which allows an organization to build an annual budget, AOP, or flex budget based on operational statistics used as drivers is the perfect start.  Once the processes and logic are built into an EPM tool, so much time is saved across the organization that extending these practices into 12, 13, or 18 month rolling re-forecasts become a reality.

Now that the data is there, you’ll want to leverage it to its fullest extent.  Nightly operational dashboards and flash reports are just the beginning.  Enable your end users to perform their own ad-hoc analysis and build their dashboards using self-services tools.  Allow people to drill from dashboard to dashboard as they move from financial data into operational data until they’ve reached individual transactions.

Whether you represent a healthcare organization that wants to do Physician-level procedure RVU budgeting and DRG-level incident planning complete with automatic variable cost calculations, or a manufacturer that wants to do SKU-level volume-driven product profitability modelling, CFO Solutions can help your organization move into the next generation of planning functionality and maximize ROI.

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