Our Values

In every interaction, we deliver on our values.


  • We offer practical, creative approaches to deriving value from technology investments.
  • We believe in continuous knowledge transfer throughout the project so you are able to own your application.
  • We invest in our clients’ success and keep our rates reasonable.


  • We are dedicated and accountable. We tell our clients the straight facts and deliver on our commitments.
  • We are honest and forthright. Clients enjoy working with us time and again because they know they can trust our commitment to their success.


  • We are passionate about our craft. You can hear it in our voices when we talk through ideas with your team.
  • We are credible. Our team understands business processes from many industries and can share ideas from a history of experience.
  • Our team includes former CFOs, former Big 4 consultants, CPAs, and technology innovators. We understand how businesses really use finance technology.

Katherine Raphaelson, Consultant
Employee Since 2012
The Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina– MBA
Hamilton College – BA, Psychology

“The teaming culture here at CFO Solutions is what really sets us apart. Across CFO Solutions, our expertise is broad and deep; I am proud of how we collaborate to help our clients get the right information when they need it. We also team with our clients. By truly listening to understand, we connect with our clients on their issues and work together to get results.”

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