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CFO Solutions leverages Boomi to integrate your data – ERP, EPM, Data Warehouse, CRM or BI platforms.  With the power of Boomi, we can help automate the movement, and transformation, of your data between the applications you need to be effective and efficient. 


Strategic Boomi Planning Guidance & Industry Experience

We have in-house Boomi integration experts and resources with the experience needed to surpass your data integration goals.

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Guiding Data Integration Implementation & Support

Implementation Services

Implementing new software can be daunting. We expertly manage the project while educating your team along the way.

Training & Support

A project is only half delivered without robust training and support resources. CFO Solutions is there for you.


A team with the knowledge, background, and skills to ensure success

Jon Coppi

Jon Coppi

Senior Partner, Boomi Practice

Jon is driven to help our clients break down barriers to effective business intelligence by finding solutions for complex data modeling and integrations. He assists clients with finding the right technology to suit the business need and is engaged in thoughtful dialog with end users to enhance adoption of new technologies.

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