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OneStream’s close management capabilities offer a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to streamline their financial close processes. With a unified platform integrating consolidation, planning, and reporting, OneStream eliminates silos and enhances efficiency throughout the close process.


Its advanced features include automated workflows, robust reconciliation capabilities, and real-time insights, empowering finance teams to achieve greater accuracy, compliance, and control. Whether it’s accelerating the close cycle, minimizing manual efforts, or ensuring data integrity, OneStream provides the tools and capabilities needed to master the financial close with confidence.


At CFO Solutions, our approach to close management using OneStream is rooted in maximizing efficiency, accuracy, and control throughout the financial close process. Leveraging the robust capabilities of OneStream’s unified platform, we tailor our solutions to streamline each aspect of the close, from consolidation and reconciliation to reporting and analysis. Our team collaborates closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and challenges, implementing customized workflows and automation to optimize their close processes.

With OneStream’s advanced features, including automated reconciliations, real-time data validation, and comprehensive audit trails, we empower finance teams to achieve greater confidence and transparency in their close activities. By combining innovative technology with expert guidance, we help organizations unlock the full potential of their financial close, driving efficiency and compliance while minimizing risk.

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OneStream vs Blackline: Who reigns supreme for Close Management?

Close management is the cornerstone of financial operations, requiring precision and efficiency to ensure accurate financial reporting. While both OneStream and Blackline offer comparable solutions, there are key differences in how your organization can reach success with each platform. Let’s explore how OneStream and Blackline stack up against each other, and why OneStream is the superior choice for organizations seeking to optimize their close management processes.

The OneStream Approach to Close Management: Closing The Gap

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organizations require robust solutions to streamline their financial close processes. The intersection of accuracy and speed for data has never been more critical; many organizations struggle with processes like financial close due to reliance on spreadsheets or a mish-mash of legacy systems. This inflexibility can take additional time and effort to complete routine processes when modern applications can easily reduce these efforts.

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Andrew Murphy

Andrew Murphy

Senior Manager

As an accomplished finance professional, Andrew Murphy has over a decade of experience in strategic finance, systems consulting, and public accounting/advisory, with a proven track record of delivering impactful results for organizations of all sizes in all industries. Prior to joining CFO Solutions, Andrew held positions as fractional Chief Financial Officer for various startups companies through his capital investment firm, Director of Advanced Solutions for a CPM Consulting Firm, and other leadership positions in the office of Strategic Finance and Accounting.

Ethan Malschuk

Ethan Malschuk


Ethan Malschuk is a results-driven professional with a passion for presales and expertise in machine learning. With a specialized degree in mathematical economics, he brings a unique skill set that blends quantitative analysis and advanced forecasting techniques. He excels in delivering compelling presentations and demos to high-level decision-makers, leveraging his deep understanding of OneStream XF – to provide tailored recommendations and drive business growth. During his time at Unisys, Ethan excelled as a Product Owner and Agile Business Analyst. He translated strategies into actionable features and provided valuable insights through GAP analysis, contributing to the success of projects and achieving business objectives.

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