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Data Integration

Integrating data sources with your EPM and BI solutions eases the burden of loading and transforming data, leading to faster insights.

While there are many processes, utilities, and tools available to help automate data loads, they all feature common characteristics:

  • Automate data and metadata loading from source to target
  • Ability to cleanse data prior to loading
  • Transform or map data from source to target
  • Move data from many types of sources; GL, payroll, sales, CRM, and many others
  • Offer cloud to on-premises data movement
  • Allow processes to be scheduled or performed on demand
  • Enable Finance to control the loading of data
  • Reduce the burden on people to load the data
  • Can incorporate data staging, such as data marts and data warehouses

Many EPM vendors are now offering data integration solutions as part of their suite of products. There are also flexible, modern integration solutions that are software platform independent.

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