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CFO Solutions is committed to the successful deployment of your application.

Critical success factors for a successful deployment are:

  • Continuous knowledge transfer to power users and administrators throughout the project
  • Anticipating end user expectations and needs
  • Effective change management
  • Comprehensive training that appeals to multiple learning styles
  • Manuals and job aides

For every deployment, CFO Solutions provides administrator training and recommends a “train-the-trainer” approach to end user training. We can also develop and deliver a tailored training approach that best supports your organization’s needs.

Delivery Methods

  • One-on-one training
  • Onsite classroom-style training
  • Remote training via web conference
  • Training video tutorials
  • End-user training materials and job aides
  • In-country training for global sites

As your business and user base grows and changes, we can support you through refresher training.

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CFO Solutions’ offers a comprehensive support program that provides staff augmentation for a variety of post Go-Live or ongoing support activities:

  • Application administration
  • Vacation/turnover coverage
  • Short-term post Go-Live support
  • Input template and report development
  • Structure changes
  • Workforce/HR or capital expense module
  • Maintenance of existing data integration

Clients can choose from two cost-effective options for this service:

  • Blocks of pre-paid support
  • FTE-based staff augmentation (Fixed hours in 6- or 12-month terms)

Support program customers are also entitled to a discounted rate for additional consulting services.

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