Test Software Migration Services

CFO Solutions will help you plan and successfully execute your software migration.

Changing Software Solutions

When moving from one vendor solution to the next, let CFO Solutions guide you through the process.

Some firms are dedicated to a single product, while other firms may have different teams dedicated to multiple products. At CFO Solutions, our team members have experience with multiple platforms. Imagine working with someone who understands how to configure both your current product and future product. We can bring those resources to you to significantly reduce project effort.

Benefits for you:

  • Less design time: With efficient conceptual design conversion, we don’t have to reverse-engineer your current platform to get you similar functionality
  • Reduce effort for your staff: Our team can directly access your current application to extract exactly what we need from where we need it
  • Less back and forth: We don’t need to ask you how something works
  • Better training: We help translate “how it works” in your old application to how it will work in the future solution
  • Smaller project team: You don’t need two sets of experts to get the job done

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Infor CPM to d/EPM

For many years, businesses have enjoyed using the Infor CPM application for budgeting, planning, and consolidations. However, as a legacy application, the tools CPM relies on are aging and no further patches are planned to adapt CPM to these changes. In 2021, these third party components will no longer be supported, which puts your CPM application at risk. Now is the right time to plan to transition away from CPM.

Fortunately, CFO Solutions and Infor are here to guide you as you plan your transition. CFO Solutions has been implementing CPM since its inception and continues to implement its successor, Infor d/EPM. We are uniquely positioned to bring you a skilled team that understands both CPM and d/EPM to ease your migration.

Below you can watch our recent webinar, The Future of Infor CPM, which compares and contrasts Infor CPM and Infor d/EPM, and outlines actions you can take now to plan your transition.

If you are ready for specific guidance unique to your organization, watch the webinar now and reach out to our team to set up some time to discuss your specific needs.

Infor CPM Webinar

If you are currently relying on Infor CPM for your budgeting, planning, and forecasting processes, now is the time to plan your move to the next generation of Enterprise Performance Management, Infor d/EPM, and bring the latest technologies to your users.

Please enter your information below to watch a recording of our Infor CPM to Infor d/EPM planning webinar:

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